Framed Paw Print Mould

♥ A custom made, personalised; paw, hoof, foot, palmate etc print mould, taken from your beloved pet. Results vary, depending on pet.
♥ A unique way to create an eternal memorial of your pet.
♥ Made from polymer oven bake clay which maintains detailing beautifully. Once cured, the clay bakes hard and takes on a matte, bisque-type finish.
♥ Mould in choice of pink, blue or silver.
♥ Mould affixed to background with choice of design – pink hearts, rainbow sky with clouds, multi-colour paw prints or plain white.
♥ Mould and backing come mounted in choice of frame – white or black wood frame. Size of frame depends on pet size.
♥ Indoor use only.
♥ Colour /finish may vary slightly, due to each piece being hand made.




Framed Paw Print Mould - Valid Jan 2019 – INC GST

Size of Pet Weight of Pet Total Cost
Pocket & Small Pets Up to 20kg $30.00
Medium & Large Pets 20.1kg – 60kg $40.00
X & XX Large Pets 60.1kg – 99kg $60.00

Ω Mould can only be purchased with a cremation package

Pet Memorial Artificial Garden Stones

♥ A beautiful selection of pet memorial stones created out of weather resistant poly resin, designed to be placed in the garden to honour a lost pet.
♥ These high quality and stylish commemorative stones are an ideal memorial piece to mark ashes scattered or buried.
♥ These elegant and durable garden stones are available in three styles

Pet Memorial Garden Stone Pricing - Valid Jan 2019 – INC GST

Stone Style Cost with Cremation Cost Stone Only
Heart Shape $40.00 $50.00 + Postage
Round Shape $40.00 $50.00 + Postage

= Memorial stones are pre-printed and cannot be customised
ⁿ Does not include plaque engraving

Heart Shape – Hand & Paw Print

A heart shaped stone featuring a hand and paw embracing, together with the words:

"Our hearts still ache in sadness and secret tears still flow,
what it meant to lose you, no one will ever know"


Round Shape – Paw Print

A round shaped stone embellished with paw prints and the inscription:

"No longer by my side....but forever in my heart"


Natural Shape – Plain Print

A naturally formed stone shape created to blend harmoniously with any landscape. Free from specific animal prints, thus suitable as a remembrance item for any pet, this natural stone features a simple orchid upon the smooth front surface, together with the words:

"In memory of a faithful friend & loyal companion"

Included with this particular style is a self adhesive plaque, which you may have engraved as desired to further embellish the memorial stone.